PE Post Code Area “What’s On In“ Business Opportunity

This page will give you all the information you need concerning this location, stats, costs, finance package.

11 Your website address will be
11These are the additional towns that will be added to your website as a drop down menu, enabling you to promote your website into these locations. We can also add further locations
of your choice to your website within your post code area

Boston, Bourne, Chatteris, Downham Market, Hunstanton, Huntingdon,
King’s Lynn, March, Peterborough, Sandringham, Skegness, Spalding, Spilsby,
St. Ives, St. Neots, Stamford, Swaffham, Wisbech

11Total population within this post code area 890,470


Total number of Businesses within this postcode area 42,004
Average Monthly spend per advertiser £166 +/-
If just 1% of Advertisers are advertising
Monthly Income Potential £69,727
Even reducing figures by a further 50%
the Monthly Income potential is HUGE

11Your website will be personalised for you and will be preloaded with 50 potential customers. This will enable you to use the website once live.
11Advertising ad prices & discounts can be changed to suit your requirements
11Payment will go direct to your PayPal account or personalised to your payment method.
11The average customer spend, based on the existing advertising prices is £166 -/+ per month. *This is based on a range of customers booking for 1 to 12 months and with the publicised discounts taken into account

What will your “Exclusive” PE postcode area include?

11Fully programmed “What’s On In” website
11Rights to use the “What’s On In” website
and marketing marks & logos, both for online and off line advertising

11Full “Affiliate rights” £100 referral fee for recommendations
11The rights to set up a Facebook marketing page and also all other social media marketing

11The ability to add further towns within your post code area on a drop down menu
11The website will be Personalised to you with your contact details
11Advertiser’s payment will go DIRECT to your PayPal account
11Pre-loaded with 50 “potential” customers
11Up to 5 “What’s On In” email addresses
11Up to 10% discount on additional areas
11Google Analytic
11Private members support area
11Full Support & Training

What is the Monthly Income that you would like to make each month?

We know based on our operation that the average spend of a UK online advertiser is £166 +/- per month. Here is how to use the Monthly Sales Revenue Calculator.

11From the drop down menu click the Income you would like to make each month.
11This will display on average the number of advertisers you would need each month to hit your Monthly Income.
11You can also use it to see how quick you can cover your ROI (Return on investment), in most cases this is within 8 weeks.


The cost for the Business Opportunity in the Exclusive PE Post Code Area

We wanted to make sure joining the “What’s On In” Business Opportunity was open to everyone.
And we offer you 2 Joining Options.

Option 1

For the “Exclusive” rights to use the “What’s On In” Business Opportunity in your chosen area with everything that is listed above is a one off joining fee of £498

Option 2

Flexible Finance Start Up

We Offer you a flexible no interest finance package. NO credit checks are required.

For the “Exclusive” rights to use the “What’s On In” Business Opportunity in your chosen area with everything that is listed above you would be able to spread the cost over 3 months, giving you time to build and generate a income.

Month 1 £166 1st payment on joining
Month 2 £166 2nd payment
Month 3 £166 3rd final payment

There is a low monthly management fee, due once the site is handed to you.

Monthly Management Fee is £147.

This management fee is easily covered from the sales you will generate from the 1000’s of potential advertisers within your postcode area.

This offers you everything you need for the smooth running of your “What’s On In” Business Opportunity and will include:

11Finder’s Fee: Receive £100 EVERYTIME someone you recommend takes up a “What’s On In” Business Opportunity from ANYWHERE around the world. You can promote
the “What’s On In” Business Opportunity all over the world using social media

11We upload all customers data to your “What’s On In” website, ensuring it is correctly loaded

11All server updates, bug fixing, 24 hr server support.

11Regular email updates on methods of building your customer advertising base, tips, advice.

Scroll back up to the Monthly Sales Revenue Calculator and you will see, that you only need 6-8 advertisers from the 1000’s within your postcode area to cover your joining fee, your ROI is excellent.

Next Step

If you would like to discuss with us about acquiring this exclusive Peterborough & PE Postcode Area “What’s On In” Business Opportunity and would like to be part of our Global brand then please contact us our details are on the contact us tab.

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